Danger dave hardcore


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Digar 1 year ago
Love your breasts mwa
Kikazahn 1 year ago
I would live to play with you.
Tushicage 1 year ago
Contact me I am in for threesome and fetish
Meztisar 1 year ago
Always blessed to reach out to the assfuck weirdos lol
Yor 1 year ago
I am an extremely sensitive person and I grew up with a narcissistic father whom I suspect (now that I have the training to recognize they signs) had severe depression and possibly bipolar disorder. It was not easy living with him until I made the choice to not let his words affect me. Words only have power to hurt if you choose to give them the power to hurt you. Selfish drama queen that momma is, nothing is going to change. So you have to decide whether to enter the fantasy world that your boyfriend lives in and coddle mommy dearest to placate her, or leave and find a partner with less complicated family dynamics... like an orphan lol

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