Nylon bags are being used in daily shopping. People go to the markets every day and they carry the products with nylon bags. Yet it must not be forgotten that these bags are very hazardous for health and it is rumored that they will be banned in year of 2019. Nylon bags will hand over the reins to cloth bags. The usage amount of cloth bags in Turkey is increasing day by day. One day healthy and harmless cloth bags will be used by everyone. Quality is the most important thing in producing and selling wholesale tote bags. The company of Iste Canta, işteçanta.com, does quality business and manufactures high-quality wholesale tote bags. Cloth tote bag fans can reach firm by calling phone number +90 212 643 21 00, by sending mail to info@istecanta.com or by texting to Whatsapp line +90 506 136 33 99.


Will be sent your coustomized tote bags within 7 -9 weekday by cargo
Istanbul Wholesalers Bazaar (Istoc) is important raw cloth bag producer spots in mega city, Istanbul. Iste Canta company, has more than sixty models of raw cloth bag in its wholesale store, is located in Istoc. Printing techniques such as transfer printing, color printing are used in personalized tote bags. Your company can be familiarized easily by printing your logo on these bags. So everyone can see and recognize your company logo. You can buy customized tote bags from official website işteçanta.com . Unprinted orders are sent within one day by cargo.


More than sixty models of personalized tote bags
The company of Iste Canta, which provides more than sixty models of personalized tote bags, is reached by calling +90 212 643 21 00, writing to Whatsapp order line +90 506 136 33 99 or sending mail to info@istecanta.com. 100% raw tote bags are approved by the Ministry of Health and TSE certified.