Original packaging adds intrigue to the delivery of any, even the simplest gift! So, why not to choose giving out your gifts in the original cute little customized tote bags?!

The best material for a beautiful personalized tote bags cotton fabric, that is why we make our bags and pouches from 100 percent of a cotton. We love to always give you the best and make you happy!

Customized Tote Bags

Our cute little cotton customized tote bags do not contain any inorganic things, so they are organic, 100 percent of a wholesale tote bags models naturel friendly.

Other than being a gift package or even gift itself, with the photo of the birthday person on it, these little cute things are used as customized tote bags, wedding, engagement and henna pouches, baby pouches, pouches for keeping money in and have many other different uses. Make them the imortant part of your very special days and even the ordinary days. For printed images on your desired wholesale tote bags contact us from the numbers- +90 212 643 21 00, - +90 506 136 33 99 or write to us from the email - info@istecanta.com.

personalized tote bags

printed tote bags are at istecanta.com with opportunities not to be missed! You can check this category for customized tote bags models produced using 100% cotton fabric. In 10 pieces and over orders, we can print your designs or photos on your desired wholesale tote bags. The images will all be of your own choice, either it be the promotional image or just the photo of yourself or your loved one.

Sizes of our pouches vary from 35x40 cm, which are offered in black and white colors. In the purchases above 500 pieces, any desired size and colour are made for you.


TEL. NO: +90 212 643 21 00,+90 506 136 33 99 - (ing) info@istecanta.com