Wholesale tote bags are coming for future! Now plastic bags and bags are on their way to becoming history. Nowadays plastic and nylon bags are beginning to take their place in cloth bags. Because cloth bags made from 100% cotton are completely natural and harmless to the environment. Unlike plastic bags, cloth bags can be completely dissolved in the nature. Also, if you print on cloth bags, you will have a chance to personalize them.


There are many kinds of customized tote bags in our company. You can choose the type of bag you want and then customize it according to your wishes. This can be your bag for your company or a personal item you want to take with you on the way to the beach, or even a special gift for your girlfriend.

You also have the choice of bag types as well as the choice of color. The black colored bags are very popular and have a stylish design. You can have black colored wholesale tote bags specially designed for you. In order to be informed immediately about special prices and to benefit from our special offers you can contact us via the contact details below:
Phone: +90 506 136 33 99 or +90 212 643 21 00


Our bags with black color are available to you with several different options. Our customized tote bags with black color are available to you with several different options. These; shirred cloth bagpack, 35x40 cm size standard bag, lined canvas bag and canvas beach bag. Each can be produced from different types of fabrics, including raw cloth, panama and canvas.

In addition, anything can be printed on all these bags with print-cut and emprime type printing. In wholesale tote bags; you should order at least 10 bag for print-cut printing and 500 for emprime printing.

You can contact us for further information:

Phone: +90 553 760 00 02 or +90 212 659 72 70