Recently, we have been increasingly getting orders of printing on customized tote bags. And it's not surprising, because a bag with your company's logo is an excellent solution when making corporate souvenirs.
In the customized tote bags with the logo you can put handouts at the exhibition and people will understand that you are worried about the environment. Not like your competitors with their plastic bags!

Customized Tote Bags

You can directly print a greeting card on the bag, fill up with delicious food and give it to partners for the New Year, for example.
And in the kitchen, it's an irreplaceable thing! You can store bread or onions or garlic.
In our bags you can store winter shoes in summer, too.
With all the advantages, making bags with a logo is not at all expensive. Iste Canta always gives you a chance to buy your personalized tote bags, make printings on them for an affordable price and to make customized or personalized tote bags. We can give you further information on this, if you can contact us: +90 212 643 21 00 and | WhatsApp: +90 506 136 33 99.

Wholesale Tote Bags

The printings we make on your bags differ by size, number and colours of them. For black canvas bags we use foil printing method, on coloured ones, the number of which will not exceed 500, we use transfer method and if the number of promotional fabric bags to be printed exceeds 500, then we use emprime printing method on wholesale tote bags of your desire.
We are on this business for more than 35 years now and we trust in each and every bag we make. High quality printings are made, wholesale tote bags are sold, and the mission of nature friendly producing is completed with the products we offer you. We do not make this new trend unaffordable! All of our tote bags are cheap and affordable. So are our printing methods. For any further info, please contact us:
+90 212 643 21 00 and | WhatsApp: +90 506 136 33 99, Instagram: @istecanta| Istoc, Istanbul / TURKEY