Iste canta is happy to serve you with the tote bags it produces. If you are in need of an affordable priced and good looking bag of different varşety of colours, you are at the right place! We produce wholesale tote bags just for your taste! Our costumers are our number one references despite our 35 year work experience and world brand agencies we work with.

Today, women and teenagers are very popular among our regular customers. This is due to several factors. First, the ability to create various applications, prints and compositions, use beads, fringe, stones and other natural materials. Secondly, low prices (high-quality textile bags are inexpensive compared to leather ones). Third, the ecological orientation and popularization of eco-products (bags from natural fabrics do not harm the person and the environment)

Customized Tote Bags

If you look up online or visit our store, located in İstoç you will find a pleny of different personalized tote bags that we produce. One of them are the black ones. Almost all of the models have black colour. For instance: cluth handbags, beach bags, backpacks, canvas tote bags, postman bags, 35x40 sized (standard, panama, canvas), clutch canvas, canvas beach and etc. Need detailed information about the models? You can visit our online store, or contact:
+90 212 643 21 00 and | WhatsApp: +90 506 136 33 99 | Istoc, Istanbul / TURKEY

Wholesale Tote Bags

In the black models, baskes printing method can be done. The minimum number of the bags to be printed need to be 10. If the number of printings exceed 500, then we will be using emprime method to get your desired images printed on your customized tote bags. For any additional questions, please contact us:
+90 212 643 21 00 and | WhatsApp: +90 506 136 33 99 | Istoc, Istanbul / TURKEY