Day by day wholesale tote bags become daily part of our lives. And why shouldn't they?! They are vry comfortable, eco friendly, you can use them over and over instead of the plastic bags, which are very harmful for nature and at the same time, you can give them s gifts and most importantly, you can print your logo on it and make it an advertisement tool for cheap but valuable price. For your logos being printed in the cloth bags contact us from the numbers- +90 212 643 21 00 or get in touch with us from


That' what we do! We are a company making production of wholesale tote bags and printing images on them for over 35 years now. Our products are 100 percent of a cotton, organic and nature friendly.

We have up to 60 different bag types with different sizes and colors, which include
• 40x50 canvas black cloth backpack,
• 35x40 gabardine shiny cloth backpacks in different colors,
• panama backpacks in different colors in sizes of 35x40 and 40x50,
• black wholesale tote bags set,
• 15x13, 25x18, 21x15 sized zippered clutch bags,
• black and white messenger bags with the size of 34x27x8 cm,
• VIP canvas backpacks,
• raw cloth bag,
• rips cloth bag and many more.

We produce our customized tote bags in Istoc in Istanbul, so we would be happy seeing you in our store any time and making a selection from variety of choices. You may also buy our personalized tote bags wholesale.


In the purchases above 10, it is of your choice to have your desired images printed in your customized tote bags. We use different printing techniques such as transfer, offset, foil and silk-screen on personalized tote bags. All of them have their own plusses. Our quality printings last for a long time. Cargo will be delivered in 3 days on the purchases without printing to all over the world.

Want to get more info? Get in touch with us now:
+90 212 643 21 00,