Tote bags usage areas we offer, being 100 percent cotton, are very diverse. Many tote bags are used in different spheres from universities to companies, from artistic works to social responsibility projects, from conferences to fairs and many more. Our products are 100 percent organic and nature friendly.

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In your purchases above 10 items, we have different printing methods you would want for your desired cotton fabric bags.
In the custom bags ordered below 500 pieces, we use foil printing.

In the raw color tote bags, we use transfer printing method. Transfer printing is one of the fastest printing techniques. Your multi-color work provides great quality both in terms of speed and visibility. You can choose transfer printing in your business bags work. Transfer printing process can be done on canvas bag. The durability is between 6-10 washings.

In the purchases above 500, we use silk-screen printing method. We have a production park which is quite fast and has a wide variety of production of promotional tote bags. We are very sensitive about the delivery on the day. Your design is made with the appropriate promotional bags. Our sales representatives will guide you in the direction of your requests and will inform you in the most suitable tote bag size and printing type. For buy silk-screen printed tote bags: Contact us from the numbers- +90 212 643 21 00, - +90 506 136 33 99 or write to us from the email -
In the purchases above 500 pieces, any desired size and color are made for you.


You can trust us - we have 35 years of experience and references from over 200 agencies, world known brands!

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